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Vert-Econ 4000

The Vert-Econ 4000 is an elevation table with a combination of 4 separate drop sections and an abdominal swingaway. Features include:

  • Cervical head section drop with flexion and extension
  • Thoracic drop
  • Lumbar drop with abdominal swingaway
  • Pelvic drop
  • Stable and rigid Vert-Econ powdercoated base frame
  • Foot cocking is standard with the option of Hand cocking
  • Extendable foot rest
  • Paper towel holder
  • Standard 48cm wide cushions upholstered in vinyl
  • Choice of upgrade to leather and 56cm wide cushions
  • High density foam used in all body cushions
  • Combination of soft and high density foam used in head section cushions
  • Elevation range 490mm-890mm